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Air Quality Symposium wrap-up:

Utah's air quality is among the worst in the country. From wintertime inversions to summertime ozone haze, there are few breaks in bad-air days along the Wasatch Front and in many other hot spots in the state. Utah's bad air is one of the state’s most pressing issues, as air pollution is associated with health problems, negatively impacts quality of life and has the potential to affect economic development.

On Thursday, Oct. 3, faculty from disciplines spanning the institution came together as One U to engage in a discussion about what we know, work in progress, and how we can collaborate on air quality-related research, education, policy development, and outreach.

The goals of the one-day symposium were:

  • Build connections between researchers across campus
  • Catalyze new research collaborations
  • Coordinate research activities
  • Amplify the message about research work

You will find summaries of each of the panel discussions and presentations from the panel participants.